Austrian holiday

6 September 2011 § Leave a comment

5 septembre 2011

Last night, we watched a film in a castle.

I would love to leave off explication, but it was such a good night that I cannot.  We arrived in gently falling rain and leaned on the stone wall and gazed over the lake while Florian told us the history of the castle.  (It was built in 1912 by a man who wanted to build a smaller replica of a castle in France; it was seized by the Nazis, sold to the state, and in 1989 was acquired by Calvary Chapel, which now uses it for conferences.)  It is quite cosy, as castles go, and the best part was a prayer tower which used to have a bell tower on top of it – it was especially warm and bright, as the sprinkling had turned to pouring rain.  Then, he (Florian) introduced us to some friends (mostly interns and other young people who work there) who live in a villa right next to the castle, and, after a bumbling debate, we finally decided to watch Young Victoria.

This morning, Angelica, who keeps the rooms above the church, fixed an Austrian breakfast (read: feast) for us and told us about how she became a Christian.  It took heaps of concentration to understand all of that German.  Now, we are driving back to Salzburg and speaking English.



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