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6 September 2011 § Leave a comment

4 septembre 2011


When my friend Judith invited me and Maggie to stay at her house in Germany and travel around Austria with her, I had no idea that we would alight in such a beautiful place.  In the village of Mangoldsall, in Baden-Württemburg, live about two hundred people, and there is a castle nearby that we visited a few days ago, as well as Schwäbische Hall, a town that is a bit farther and has a new art museum.  We went to the exhibit of Niki de Saint Phalle’s work.  There were some photographs of her (she died in 2002), and despite her beauty and smile, her eyes held such a sad and empty look.  Her bejewelled and colourful giant animals were an especial delight.  I particularly liked the two lions, resplendent in varied yellows, golds, and oranges, standing sentinel at the museum entrance.


Other activities thus far:

Going for walks near Judith’s house and finding endless apple trees (an excellent snack) and a very old house, older than the States I am sure

Actually understanding German (most of the time)

Visiting the castle, museum, and also a Protestant cathedral in Schwäbische Hall – there was even a wedding that had just finished

Driving to Salzburg at 180 kph (is that how one writes km/hr?)

Nearly weeping because the drive from Salzburg to Spittal was sublime

Going to church in Spittal and meeting Judith’s friend Florian – he then drove us up a mountain, and we all went hiking amidst flowers and cows (and two sheep)




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