Exploring aix mero motu

13 September 2011 § Leave a comment

13 septembre 2011

Through the window I can hear the singing of children in the school on our street.  The sun slows everything and casts the trees and the people and the store fronts in a veil of yellow.  I have just been wandering around town, and Aix is a good place for losing oneself in the winding streets.  Almost as though they are alive, the streets change in direction and name and deposit the wanderer now and then in a square with a fountain laden with people perching on its fringes and enjoying their lunches.  Sometimes they surprise with a sudden veer into a deserted narrowness that gives thoughts time and space for settling and assembling.

One may take pleasure in description alone, yet I often wonder whether it can stand alone and retain and give meaning.  Perhaps stream of consciousness novels displease me so much because they seem to consist merely of description unless the reader can create progress out of the material that the author gives, whether a progression of character or a progression of events that have significance when taken all together.  This becomes significant when reflecting upon walking in town, which is also a process of reflection.  Are all of those sensory experiences meaningless unless they fit, some way, into the narrative of my life?  This wondering should end here, however, since no one can know his own life story whilst in the middle of it.  Although merely knowing one’s trajectory (or direction, if a person having a trajectory seems odd) could make possible the assimilation tiny experiences and sensations into one’s mental . . . continuum?  This is starting to turn into nonsense, or philosophy.  Anyway, I plucked some purple flowers from a butterfly bush (the same one in our garden at home!) and am presently enjoying them, so whatever sensory details I absorbed today are, on the whole, doing some good.

We chose courses with Mme Monchal today, and here are mine, most likely:

Texts and Contexts: From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment (literature and culture)

Texts and Contexts: From the Revolution to the Present (literature and culture)

Conversational French

Nineteenth-century European Art and Literature (literary texts, painting, graphic arts)

La Provence (geography, history, politics, architecture . . . )

I’ll also probably be doing an internship and, I hope, volunteering at an elementary school teaching English for a few hours a week.

This morning, Sara and I also planned the first Thursday morning Bible study!  There is another girl in the program who is also a Christian, and I am so excited for the four of us to have time together every week.  And we had a tour des saveurs provençales in the market closest to our auberge and tasted many things.  It made me want to stop school and become an apprentice with the cheese maker, the baker, the pâtissier (basically a pastry chef), the grape growers/wine makers, and a few other farmers, all at the same time.

Someone came to clean the kitchen today, which made me smile.  Our living situation now involves a clean sink and kitchen counter!  Refer to the other blog if you want a few more details about our colocataire who lives on the other side of our door that doesn’t close, lives among giant puffs of dust, cooks unbelievable amounts of pasta every night, and does motocross.

The day began around half past five, when sleep deserted and left me to go on a sunrise run.  I found a pear tree and two pomegrante trees!



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