Maggie turns twenty-one and I get lost

16 September 2011 § Leave a comment

16 septembre 2011

The last few days have been quite busy, and many things have happened, including the PJDC (premier jour de cours, first day of classes, which was more fun than FDOC at Duke, mostly because of being in France).  Another thing that happened was that I failed at meeting with my dinner group.  After walking around the traffic circle for twenty minutes, I ambled home.  The boy in my group spent all ten euros of his telephone credit trying frantically to find out where I was, and eventually the program director was calling people, which I found out after my roommates returned.  I felt really guilty about the boy worrying.  The good parts are that 1) the program director wasn’t mad at all and was only worried a bit, and her main concern was that I needed to be reimbursed for the dinner, 2) now everyone knows right away about my absent-mindedness, and 3) no one died.  So it was a success, actually.

Yesterday was Maggie’s twenty-first birthday!  We went to a café called Splendid where, after we ordered our drinks (i.e., peppermint tea for three euros) and then discovered that they don’t really serve breakfast . . . it turned out to be less than splendid, but we had a great time together.  Then right before conversation class in the afternoon, Mme Monchal (the director) surprised us all with tarte tatin for Maggie’s birthday.  After our family dinners (or, after I missed it and had figs for dinner), we celebrated with strawberries and champagne and chocolate and then went out for a glass of white wine.  We also had champagne and wine tonight at our potluck (the subject of the next post) at one of the auberges, which means I’ve had champagne for three nights in a row (we also had it at our party to meet the professors).  Someday I’ll be able to drink more than three sips in one sitting.

Today, Maggie and I tried to go to Avignon, but while I was paying for my ticket on the navette, the driver told me that we couldn’t get a student prices without some special carte de jeunesse, so maybe next week we’ll go to Avignon for less than 50 euros.

Our colocataire, Renaud, is definitely growing on us.  I made peach cobbler for the potluck, which drew him into the kitchen, and then I made cinnamon cookies for this afternoon, which made him stick around for a bit, and the four of us had a good-ish chat.  He expressed strong opinions about how he thinks girls should cook.

Classes are glorious (really), and buying books for class was of course exciting, as always, but other interesting details quotidiens must wait, because we leave early tomorrow morning for Nice!



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