Lucky pot

18 September 2011 § Leave a comment

17 septembre 2011

On Friday, after our failed trip to Avignon, I went to the museum on the main street (cours Mirabeau) to see an exhibition about artists journeying to Rome.

Last night, we had a potluck at another auberge, as I mentioned in another post.  A lot of us (Ellen, Laura, Caroline, Heather, Courtney, Alex, Luke, Stephanie, Maggie, Sara, me, and Luana, the colocataire at Ellen and Alex’s auberge) showed up, and we had ratatouille, salad with salmon, quiche, risotto, nachos (made by Luke), bread with olive oil, and peach cobbler.  We had a wonderful time talking and telling stories, one of which was about Renaud earlier in the day:

Renaud:  What’s this?

Me:  It’s peach cobbler for our dinner party—it’s called a potluck.


Renaud:  Are you ready for the lucky pot?

(conversation translated into English for your reading pleasure)

Heather and Sara

On the way home



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