The last two weeks

4 October 2011 § Leave a comment

4 octobre 2011

Since it’s already late and an art and literature quiz looms in the near future (tomorrow morning), I can’t really catch up on everything, so I will write just a bit and add more later.

Two weekends ago, I went to Paris to visit Katie.   It was supposed to be a day trip, but because of train pass complications, I ended up staying for two days, which was much more fun, of course.  It involved much flâner-ing (wandering), a spectacle (there is not a good translation of that French word) of Le Petit Prince, exploring the ateliers of the artists of Ménilmontant, and much of that beloved traditional Katie-and-Emily-(ridiculous)ness.

This past weekend, I went to Strasbourg.  Contrary to the belief of two people in my program, Strasbourg is not located in Germany…it has been completely under French control since 1954, and for most of the time before that, as well.  At least that is not as bad as someone that Mme Marchetto had the bad luck to meet in the Chicago airport who did not know that France was a country.  When she relayed that story a week or two ago, none of us knew what to say.  How is it possible not to know that France is a country?  Especially if you are in an airport…

Here is traditional Alsatian clothing:

Hansi (from Colmar, near Strasbourg), drew a lot of these. Alsace girls win the giant bow prize!

Much joy awaited me when I arrived at school today–three letters!  (And one a few days ago, too.)  C’est magnifique!  I was surprised that they arrived so soon–six days from the post mark–especially given the French postal system in general.  That deserves its own post (oops, that was not supposed to be a joke).  Those four wonderful people are going to receive letters soon : ) I’ve already spent heaps of money on postage, so if I sent a letter to everyone I know, I would have to live on potatoes and milk (I already did that in Russia), but I will reply at great length to anyone who writes to me, bien sûr.

Also…my birthday is in one week!  If you send large boxes of flowers, books of poetry, and butterfly farms now, they will probably arrive in time.



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