A rawther good party even so

1 November 2011 § Leave a comment

1 novembre 2011

Last night, some students in another auberge had a Halloween party, an exciting prospect for a girl who loves Halloween and finds the lack of Halloween revelry in France disconcerting.  (The English are far better at it—and at holidays in general—as observed during our holiday in England.)  Sara was a nerdy superhero, Maggie was a French person (minus the smoking), and I was Eloise, though lacking Weenie and Skipperdee and of course my nanny.  We were the first people to arrive at the party a little after nine and both hosts and guests were kind of pathetic as we sat around, tired from travelling and some of us sick sick sick.  More people showed up, though, and it was fun to hear about everyone else’s holiday adventures; meanwhile, the sinus infection-y thing was moving swiftly toward victory.  The rosé that we brought was far too burnish and some vodka-cranberry thing some people were drinking tasted like cough medicine, which is possibly the foulest substance known to man.

A mime (my friend Ellen) and Eloise

After two hours of talking and laughing and an excellent lollipop, I attempted an escape from all the sociability by curling up in a ball in the corner of the sofa.  That worked until one of the tuteurs kept telling me that I needed to cover up because I was sick—a giant window was open, letting in all sorts of draughts and probably making all of us poor females infertile.  Burrowing under my coat didn’t help, though, since people kept coming over to ask if I was all right—or, in the case of one random person (there were a lot of those; more were there, in fact, than students in our program), coming over to bestow a hat upon me.  Then, Maggie espied a giant Russian-English dictionary and no one in that auberge needed it (I can’t imagine why not), so I can keep it.  Despite finding some actual readings between the English to Russian and Russian to English sections, I was fading fast and pondering the probability of having to go out to places without auberge-like cushiony sofas until Sara and Maggie were ready to go home, but they walked me home around midnight and then went back to the party.  Friends are the best.

The death of Eloise

The only things left to do were have a cup of tea and read some Wordsworth before bed.  A strange but not unpleasant Halloween.

Lessons learned:

1)       Dodge smoke if you have asthma

2)       If you taste some wine and like it not, dark chocolate is a good way to make you forget the taste.  Or you can forgo the wine and just eat the chocolate, that’s probably best

3)       If a party is to involve alcohol, bring champagne in case no one else does

4)       When in doubt, go to the party, because you might get a free book

5)       Intoxication serves no purpose because a) you can easily exhibit the symptoms in numerous other ways (being tired or sick, running a marathon, taking an exam), b) most alcohol is gross, and c) your awareness level will be much lower, resulting in a greatly decreased probability that you will discover a Russian dictionary and have the wherewithal to ask whether you can keep it

6)       French people need to learn how to trick or treat

Photographs shall soon be added : )

Update: photographs stolen and added

…and, someday, posts about Switzerland and England!



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