Parents arrive

11 November 2011 § Leave a comment

11 novembre 2011

It’s Armistice Day.

Today has been full of the unremarkable—or so it seems—matter that fills most days.  But it brought so much joy today because of the people involved.  In the morning, Sara, Maggie, Nick (who is visiting!), Laura, and I met at a bakery and had Bible reading/talking/praying through a psalm time, the best way to start the day.  After that, they went to Marseille, while I baked biscotti and listened to Christmas music and then went for a run.  I finally found the field that I have been seeking for such a long time—and I found a path through the forest (Aix has a forest…definitely a new discovery)!  It was enough like the Appalachians to make me smile a lot.  Lucky thing I had my amphibian shoes on so I could run through the creek.  Then, I caught the navette to the airport and surprised my parents.  It was very suspenseful and involved me hiding behind a pillar for half an hour while I waited for their delayed plane to land and then jumping out to say hello.

We bumbled about and ate crêpes for dinner, and then my parents couldn’t stay awake any longer.  Not such a topsy-turvy day—but, oh, the magic of ordinary days!

“ . . . restoration came

Like an intruder at the door

Of unacknowledged weariness . . . ”




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