Impossible prayer list

18 November 2011 § Leave a comment

18 novembre 2011

With the Parents here for the week, a few hundred pages to read,

It's so good. This is Christine.

and a paper to write (why, Racine, did you write Phèdre?), I have indulged in blog neglect of the most active variety.  Here are a few things until an actual blog post appears . . .

We went up up up the hill to Atelier Cézanne

It was fun to peek around his studio with the giant window.

We were a bit late for a visit with the man himself

This week, I also got a pinterest.  And read some of my poetry book:

Only I discern–

Infinite passion, and the pain

Of infinite hearts that yearn.

(Robert Browning)

And this morning during Bible study, Laura told us about the impossible prayer list, basically a conglomeration of crazy things (for/about which you pray) that couldn’t happen without God.  This concept greatly appeals to me.  First on the list: fluency in Russian.  Or perhaps writing my paper . . .

Phèdre (Cabanel, 1880)

Maybe even going to Madrid.  Oh, wait, that’s happening tonight!



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