Happy Thanksgiving!

28 November 2011 § Leave a comment

28 novembre 2011

I’m spending all of my time doing school work, reading poetry, and watercolouring, but I take a short pause to publish a snippet of the current conversation going on in the auberge right now.  It’s about Myers-Briggs personality types.  Sara is an ESTP, and Maggie is an ISTJ, each of which is the contrast of the other.  Now we understand the cereal box/messy table/cleaning bathroom scenarios, and also why Maggie used to check that the door was locked and the oven off before going to bed when she was little.  Apparently ESTP and INFJ are each other’s animas, which means that Sara and I are going to fall in love with the boy version of each other.  I’m an INFJ, which apparently is the weird, odd, strange, and extremely rare type.  I’ll just go back to painting now . . .

I miss the farm



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