A Friday in Marseille

3 December 2011 § 2 Comments

3 décembre 2011

Yesterday, Sara needed to go to Marseille to do a project for her France Noire class (about the black diaspora), so I decided to tag along.  She photographed some places Claude McKay frequented, and we stopped at a café where he used to write (it’s a different café now, but we had the same view of Vieux Port as we did).

He grew up in Jamaica and was educated by his older brother

We read some of his poetry:

To a Poet

There is a lovely noise about your name,
Above the shoutings of the city clear,
More than a moment’s merriment, whose claim
Will greater grow with every mellowed year.

The people will not bear you down the street,
Dancing to the strong rhythm of your words,
The modern kings will throttle you to greet
The piping voice of artificial birds.

But the rare lonely spirits, even mine,
Who love the immortal music of all days,
Will see the glory of your trailing line,
The bedded beauty of your haunting lays.

Sara also tried kebabs for the first time, while I had a flashback to the döner omnipresence in Berlin.  Then, we found a book shop and browsed in bliss.  I found a beautiful French-Russian dual-language book of Anna Akhmatova’s poetry.

Too bad it's super cher

I have trouble resisting books of any variety, so I started reading my new friend Claude’s autobiography.  I like it better than that Camus nonsense I’m reading for class right now, or La Gloire de mon père (provençal writer Marcel Pagnol’s most famous book), which I am reading for my Provence (scrapbook) class.
Today, Sara, Laura, and I wandered around in Aix and shopped, and now we are preparing for tonight’s lucky pot by listening to Christmas music and cooking apples and cinnamon.  Mmm . . .

§ 2 Responses to A Friday in Marseille

  • Amber says:

    I love La Gloire de mon Pere. There’s an awesome movie of it in French. 🙂

    • aixpatriate says:

      We watched it in class one day! I liked it more than I liked the book, probably because I read it over several months…I love the scene when his father figures out he can read the board


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