Myers-Briggs, Christmas carols, and reunification of the Belles

4 December 2011 § Leave a comment

4 décembre 2011

I Myers-Briggsed my whole family, and here’s what I found:

My mother (ENTJ) and I are tribesmen.  My little sister (ISFP) and I are suitemates.  My father and my older sister (both ISTJ) are counterparts of my mother, advisors (this is a back and forth thing) with my younger sister, and enigmas with me.  This means I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand me. I’m not sure how well the relationships-between-people analysis goes, but reading about each other’s personalities certainly illuminates many mysteries.  (NB: all of their personality types are my own guesses.)

Last night, we had a lucky pot at another auberge . . . one of the last lucky pots, probably.  Two types of cakes were involved, and afterward I alighted briefly at a party where Luke made a blue drink for me that had vodka in it.  I took a tiny sip – it’s far worse that cough medicine, which was my least favourite taste in the world until last night. I also finished L’Étranger; I still don’t understand why Camus wrote it if he believed in absurdism (or believed in nothing?).  If there is no sense to anything, why bother writing about it or trying to analyse it?  And why create more instances of absurd human constructions by writing a novel?

Today, Sara, Laura, and I (Maggie was still in Istanbul) went to a Christmas carol service associated with the English speaking church around here but held in the super old cathedral a few minutes away, and it was wonderful!  Singing Christmas carols in English, in church, with hundreds of people made me want to go home all of a sudden.  It also involved an odd standing-up-sitting-down version of The Twelve Days of Christmas that corresponded with everyone’s birth month and a candle-dance thing and children singing an unintelligible cheerful song, but mostly it was normal carols and lessons and a little dual-language sermon.  The last thing was Silent Night with candles, which is always so beautiful in church.

Mags returned from her Turkish adventure bearing harem pants!  They are quite comfortable and I may never take them off.  Maggie and I just had the first harem times and discussed literature.

I baked a cake which, when fully prepared tomorrow morning, will be chocolate with raspberry jam and dark chocolate ganache-ish topping.  I lost one of the flowers I wear in my hair last week and promised a triple-layer chocolate cake to the person who could find it, and someone did, so it was a good excuse to bake something real for a change.  Usually I just make biscotti or sugar cookies without bothering to look up recipes.

Also, Renaud reappeared this evening.  We hadn’t seen him for a few days.  We’re not really sure where he went.   Now he and Maggie are both home: Auberge Bellegarde is back in complete and happy harmony.

Belle vue from Bellegarde



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