On my way

15 May 2012 § Leave a comment

14 May

I’m not really on my way yet, but soon and very soon . . . !  For your amusement, here’s a list of things left to do:

1) Read the overwhelming stack of books I checked out of the library today . . . or at least the ones I can’t fit into my bag

A slight exaggeration of my room. I admit neither automobile nor boy into my haven.

2) Put clothes in bag: the dullest, and therefore most time-consuming, task

Can I please just take my trunk?

3) Email Helen Suzman‘s daughter back . . . I’m still so stunned by her reply that I can’t answer yet.

The surprise has made me immobile/unresponsive

5) Make my mother’s birthday dinner right now.  Must run!

Chocolate torte for dessert. My version does not look this beautiful.

Note: You may be wondering why there is no number 4.  It is lost forever, like my debit card . . . oops.  I can attribute anything I forget to having been in that category.



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