Awake my soul

11 July 2012 § Leave a comment

11 July

Just a day cleaning the kitchen, which was piled with heaps of dishes from last night’s festivities.  Welcome to my thoughts (and what fills the walls inside this place).

Today, Erin, Kathryne, and I went to the Karen Blixen museum.  It’s a modest little place, just her house, preserved.  No epiphanies revealed themselves.  I kept expecting to see Farah lurking in a corner, but it was just a collection of old things, rich with stories buried within them.  She had two lanterns, one with a green filter and one with a red filter, which she chose according to her mood and set on the verandah so that Denys could divine her mood.  (“Observe” would seem a better word, but I write of boys observing the moods of girls.  It qualifies as an act of divination, perhaps, if even the lanterns achieve success.)  We wandered through the wood a bit, but even that was strange.  The place in my head has Kikuyus running all round it.

I love when he washes her hair. Denys Finch-Hatton was British, but it seems that Robert Redford was simply too American to speak with one in the film. His books were on the shelves in Bror’s room.

The answer to the wildlife question: impala!  The two lovely people who guessed shall receive prizes . . . letters!  Although I have promised letters to them anyway, so don’t deceive yourself with illusions of my generosity.



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