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13 July 2012 § 1 Comment

13 July

Today, Dr. Mary and I have discussed projects, done planning, read reports . . . caught up, really, on everything that I’m working on.  I updated the program that they use to track donations with information from the last six months.  It is really incredible to see how their friends and family support them so consistently (and prayerfully).

I’ve started reading the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey from 2009, which contains information about fertility levels, marriage, sexual activity, fertility preferences (I’m curious about that one), awareness and use of family planning methods, breastfeeding practices, nutritional status of women and young children, childhood and maternal mortality, maternal and child health, malaria (still a gigantic problem here) and use of mosquito nets, domestic violence, awareness and behaviour regarding HIV/AIDS, and HIV prevalence among adults.  It’s going to be an exciting read, not least because I’m learning tiny slivers of things in areas where my mother and my grandfather have extensive knowledge.  Learning about what others have studied for so long constitutes a curious way of learning about them in new ways.

I’m still thinking about last week.  A pediatrician who works with Dr. Mary writes a blog, and she wrote a bit about last week’s happenings.  I saw only part of it, but I did see the incredible amounts of running around to various patients that she did.  There was certainly no shortage of things to do.  Do read about her work.

This is about half of the entire nursery. The bed sticking out with the three people round it is the bed on which the tiny baby died.


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  • onsunnyside says:

    Welcome to the world of public health, E-L. You get to see the incredible value of prevention of illness – be it through a supply of clean water, prenatal care or immunizations. The people you meet will become a part of who you are!


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