Birthday party

22 July 2012 § Leave a comment

22 July

A long post about a recent exciting trip to an exotic destination involving wild animals and tree houses awaits publishing, but it has missing parts and is not perfect . . . and thus cannot be published yet.  It shall appear soon.

Tonight, we had a joint birthday party for Sara and Erin, whose birthdays were in the past week.  It was all terribly enjoyable.  The first guests arrived mid-afternoon, and people finally left around ten.  There were actually only three guests, but there were ten of us total, so a spirit of festivity prevailed.  Dr Mary sang a boisterous song about a sailor kissing his sweetheart that made me laugh and laugh, I sang the cider sipping song from camp, and some other camp cheers and birthday songs in English and Swahili were thrown in.  Then, we played fish bowl for a while.  It is quickly becoming my favourite game.  We played it last week when we went to eat Ethiopian food for dinner.  By the by, the food did not make me sick, possibly because I mostly just ate the airy bread.  I did try the goat.

Happy happy happy birthday!

Our cake was actually vanilla with lemon buttercream frosting.  Part of my internship is making frosting.  And teaching said frosting-making to Christine, the Adams’s house help, who has become a friend.  She has cooked all of the Indian food that we eat every night.  I actually like Indian food, and I think my stomach is slowly growing accustomed to it . . .

Last night, we had girls’s night at a café nearby.  It was lovely.  The company included Sara, Dr Mary, Erin, Kathryne, and a newcomer (as of yesterday), Sarah Kate.  We told stories and laughed a lot.  Chocolate mousse and wine were involved.  I chose to imbibe strawberry and vanilla tea, which, from a quick glance at the list of ingredients, included blackcurrant, hibiscus, and many other delightful things.  I also added honey to it.  The combination of flavours probably would have enchanted my senses, but I can’t really taste much right now.  I think it’s allergies.

We are preparing for a week full of work.  Tomorrow shall include photojournalistic endeavours, and Dr Mary and I will spend Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Kijabe in meetings for the annual report and planning sessions for the upcoming year’s activities in the newborn project.  I am wild with excitement about serving as the official scribe.



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