First Things

29 July 2012 § Leave a comment

29 July

I had my first introduction to First Things yesterday; before that, I had only read about it.  My first article was Alan Jacobs’s “Against Stupidity” from November 2011.  The pithiness intoxicates.

Another funny thing was a brief note about a survey conducted a few years ago to determine whether people somewhere in the States approved or disapproved of God’s performance (assuming the existence of God, those surveyed were told).  A little over half approved.  The writer wondered whether those surveyed would have fully approved of God’s performance when He created them . . .

I also read James Hannam’s “Modern Science’s Christian Sources” (October 2011), which made me think of Lennox’s book.  Now I want to read Hannam’s books.

The other one is The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution

What other Christian publication actually provokes thought as this one does?  Even the writing is good.

Take a look at it to discover the antidote to prenatal eugenic cleansing!



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