5 August 2012 § Leave a comment

5 August

Last night, Sara and Anna (her friend and business partner who is in Nairobi for a few weeks) and I watched Atonement.

Only imagine . . . how imagination and falsehood together wreak disaster

I loved the story, the cinematography, the music, James McAvoy’s acting.  Near the end of the film, Briony, the girl who years ago accused her elder sister’s beau, discusses how she wrote a happy ending into her autobiographical book.  Yet writing in a happy ending where none exists is untrue.  It sketches a false idea of atonement.  Reconciliation never happened for Briony and her sister, and her sister and the beau never had time together.  It is an entirely hopeless situation (although it did not have to be).  Writing alternatives redeems nothing and atones for nothing.

Off to war

Thinking, thinking about atonement . . .



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