Of bats and men

7 August 2012 § Leave a comment

7 August

Two nights ago, Sara and Anna and Dr Mary and I sashayed au cinéma to see the new Batman film.  It was my first Batman experience; I admit that I was sceptical, for customarily action films constitute the double-edged sword of being long and having little to compel in their stories.  This, however, made me think.  The portrayal of Americanness in Batman occupied my mind for a bit, yet the struggle between good and evil soon trumped it.  The tribunal set up to try Gotham residents made me think of a certain revolution (oh Robespierre, merci beaucoup for ensuring the public safety and killing Lavoisier), and it also provided a sort of case study of the responsibilities that come with citizenship.

Time to string up some evil forces

At the end, a good-evil blurring of sorts arose and left me with a distinct sense of unresolution; one character who appeared evil loved sacrificially, yet he was still evil.  I do not know about that, yet I enjoyed the ending nonetheless, mostly because it had clear tinges—a paradox, as everything in Christianity—of the Gospel.

The rumour flying round the house is that Ratatouille shall begin playing soon.  I must away.



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