Technology and the masses

21 November 2013 § Leave a comment

21 November

There have been many recent brushes with technology; yet the soul can report really just one at a time.  Having learned how to tweet, I still think of twitter people as twits.  The best use of such an inane platform—such a killer or at least reducer of conversation—is as a gateway to read First Things.  Then again, perhaps it could provide a cure for my “problem” (in quotation marks because it is not really a problem) of writing sentences that are too long.

About a month ago, whilst studying for a lab exam, I came across some fascinating things containing solubility parameters and rules for selecting solvents.

The French are essentially scientific.

The French are essentially scientific.

This was clearly the model for the glass pyramid (and its spawn) at the Louvre.

With monster.

With monster.

The lab exam went none too well, but I did have fun looking at pyramids with shapes.



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