Book review no. 1

11 December 2013 § Leave a comment

10 December

Why write reviews of books when critics complete the task in a way that their comments can make the reader ruminate with more complexity upon his love for or dislike of a book?  Sometimes, it must be done, especially if no one has heard of the book.

As I Lay Crying is Faulkner’s most recent posthumously published novel, an exhausting (yet not exhaustive) exploration of the vicissitudes of the spirit during a particularly trying week.  Some unsavoury critics may lampoon the book as an übermaudlin dissipation of words on a subject unsettling for many readers, yet the genius of the book lies in its versatility: it can be applied to the week before the Duke–UNC game, the week after a romantic dissolution, beach week, and—most pertinent at the moment—finals week.  Really any week in which lurks the potential for a nervous breakdown fits well within the paradigm.  Highly recommended for any person who suffers from general anxiety, sensitivity, or a proclivity for terrible weeks.  Faulkner captures the rising sense of despair that culminates in . . .

You’ll have to read the book.



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