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19 December 2013 § Leave a comment

19 December

Nearly a year ago, an article about the growth of atheist philosophy in France caught my attention.  This could be a path out of the morass of philosophical ignorance! (thought I).  Christopher Watkin’s book might clarify the despair to which Camus tempts the reader—the despair that Camus also must have felt, in contrast to Sartre’s more distanced approach.  Atheist existentialism aside, the more contemporary strains of atheist philosophy deserve more attention as possibly the most vigorous and serious approach to areligious philosophy in a post-secular West.  A few French philosophers are searching for a new articulation of atheism (as Watkin terms it), one that distances itself from Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze . . .

Difficult Atheism

The nones are onto something.  Watkin explores the thought of Badiou, Nancy, and Meillasoux—you can preview the book—and Watkin elsewhere explores Meillassoux’s idea of l’inexistence divine.  I do not have the book yet, so for now, Quentin Meillassoux’s Après Finitude (and in English).  Meillassoux also lectures in English on speculative realism, but that’s another area for investigation . . .

Quentin Meillassoux: secrètement une petite souris

Quentin Meillassoux: secrètement une petite souris



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