Prada & a grapefruit tea note

24 February 2017 § 2 Comments

23 February

After a good night’s sleep and some studying, I decided to watch the Prada show, which happened at 6 o’clock Milan time, and needed a good cup of tea.  Fashion show as study break is lovely, a twenty minute foray into another world of colours, textures, movement, and music, and left me with energy and ideas.  I especially enjoyed the fur at the bottom of the coats and skirts (good for keeping one’s knees warm), the ever-expanding lapels (which I would decorate with animal pins), and the beaded flower embroidery (this can be my new project).


Giant lapels, mixed florals, a coat for one’s knees  [all photos from Vogue]


Fluffy sweater & bandeau: new way to layer in spring

Lack of an explicit plot is a delicious chance to let one’s imagination create whatever split-second stories it wishes, with a new situation every few seconds, leaving one with a swirling sea of narratives and new perspectives.  The pale coat with blue flowers is a dream in itself, perhaps a winter coat’s vision of how summer would be if it were ever allowed to venture out in the heat instead of being packed away in a closet, and the green coat with floral embroidery is a winter coat coming to terms with its own reality.  I know I shall never see blooming meadows, it says, so I will grow flowers made of beads on myself.


A coat dreaming of summer


A coat coming to terms with reality

It’s especially fun to create stories around something that pleases you but that you would never wear, like the massive coloured fur hats that were wafting in the air whilst enveloping the tiny heads of the models.  At first they made me laugh, but by the end of the show, I imagined how fun it would be to wear one on a walk in the snow…


A green eskimo


A red eskimo


A blue eskimo

It was good to have tea since the show felt very domestic, with posters on the walls and lamps perched about the geometrically serpentine walkway that evoked thoughts of a home library big enough to explore.

White vanilla grapefruit (Harney & Sons)
This frivolous tea caught my eye when I was looking for white teas.  Palais stocks only a few, and though their bai mu dan is excellent, I finished it a long time ago and wanted something different.  Sometimes I enjoy tasting absurdly flavoured teas just to make fun of them, but this one is understated enough to drink about twice a month.  I do like to sniff it in the morning because the mellowed citrus wakes me up.  The grapefruit is tangy, and the vanilla provides a gentle counterpoint.  The result is a pleasant flavoured white tea, rather than a strongly fruity tisane with a sprinkling of tea leaves as an afterthought.  Make sure to let the water cool to about 80C before steeping, steep briefly, and drink it hot.  Three minutes makes for an intense cup, and anything more than that ruins it with bitterness, so I stick to two minutes.  I’m curious about how it would taste iced, so I’ll have to try it in the summer.

After I cycled to Reynolda to see a sea of daffodils, I cleaned up and returned to that side of town for a visit from l’orchestre national de Lyon.  Seeing Leonard Statkin conduct was a dream and reminded me of why I love being around a university, where things like this just arrive and give a golden glow to entire weeks (at least for me).

FullSizeRender_1 (4).jpg

Bow peeking out

FullSizeRender_2 (4).jpg

Silk tail


Trusty loafers




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