Dream of green

7 March 2017 § 2 Comments

7 March 2017

Last week, I felt like a leafy spring plant all week—drenched in verdance, with some warm brown there too, it was time to spring forth with energy.  As I headed to my last block exam ever (endocrine and reproductive), I felt like celebrating, so I turned my legs into leaves and made sure my pockets were big enough for several dual-language dictionaries.



Loose wool trousers are a good mix of warm but airy, good for a day with boomerang weather.  A collared shirt, wool vest, neckerchief, and warm socks are all essential for staying warm whilst sitting still in the Siberian chill of school.


This cotton scarf with butterflies and leaves on it inevitably cheers me, and I had to don my hat in order to give the lepidoptera a jewel bug companion.










Later in the day, I was on a walk and found these flowers.  The richness of the brown is comforting, while the green feels vibrant, deep, earnest—and alive.  I was tempted to lie down next to them, but though I would have been remarkably well-camouflaged, I was not in a trespassing mood.


I think I baked bread and went for a run after this, but the evidence suggests rather that I dashed off to solve a mystery.



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