Lace up

15 March 2017 § 2 Comments

15 March 2017

Yesterday was pi day and I did not make time to bake a pie, which was sad.  Today I am also not making time for much beyond studying, but it is cold and I rummaged round for warm clothes to wear on a walk.

Lace shirt 2          lace shirt 3

I normally wear this silk shirt to bed, because it is cold in winter, because you can see through it, but mostly because I am not much of a lace person.  With just a bit peeking out, though, it makes for a warm and pretty layer over which to swathe myself in cashmere.

Lace shirt

I found a scarf shortly after this, as my neck has dependent personality disorder and needs a blankie to be wrapped round it at all times, or else it cries/catches a cold.  My head feels similarly and requires a lamb fur topping whenever possible.

lace shirt 4.jpg

Robbins is saying hello from the far right.  Snagging a coat, bye!

lace shirt 6



§ 2 Responses to Lace up

  • blacklabowner says:

    so sorry you didn’t get to make a pie. Sadly i did not make one either. in fact, i had forgotten entirely that it was pi day! horrors! it was such fun when you all were in middle school and high school and pi day was celebrated! I do agree with you wrapping yourself in warm accouterments! 🙂

  • blacklabowner says:

    i did write accoutrements, but it autocorrected – let’s see if it leaves it correct this time or not………


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