Labour and wait

30 March 2017 § Leave a comment

30 March 2017

It is a rainy, grainy, grey day.  Usually I go for walks in the afternoon, when I do questions and see which flowers are newly bloomed.  Today, since it was supposed to start raining at 10 o’clock, I went for a walk this morning, and the air was quiet and fresh, with a hint of anticipation of rain.


I bought this cotton ikat skirt last summer at Toast in Oxford, and it always feels wonderful to wear, especially with my collared linen shirt, which gives comfort and freshness.  This combination of softness and structure lends a balance of calm and focus, which is ideal for long hours of any kind of work that requires concentration.  Perhaps its power is in making me feel like Karen Blixen working to save her coffee plantation.

ikat 2.jpg

I like Toast.  They use cotton, linen, wool, and not much else to make lovely relaxed clothes that lend beauty in a quiet way, being reliable garments without calling attention to themselves.  There is little of the self-importance of the maker movement, at which George MacDonald would likely balk—how far removed from self-conscious expensive artisan-ness are his fairy tales, sermons, and Lilith.  They have a ‘coat’ which I think would be a good alternative to a robe, and if I needed a new actual coat, I would buy this one, whose sleeves are the best thing about it, ideal for walking down a street in the cold and then reading the newspaper with an espresso.  I don’t need a new coat, though, because my grey cashmere coat will probably hold up until I die.


A closing thought.  I have been puzzling over why it is much easier to focus when my hair is tied back.  Putting it out of my way has the mysterious effect of clearing my mind.  I suspect this is a universal experience, but how to know?



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