Sun’s out

1 April 2017 § 1 Comment

1 April 2017

Don your hats—time to review viruses.

hat.jpghat 2.jpg


Rain and daffodils

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31 March 2017

The rain poured this morning.  Rain calms and comforts, makes it easy to rest in hygge, encourages reading.  I took a long exam and by the time I finished, it was well into the afternoon, raining a bit less with the sun shining through the clouds, and time for a walk.

yellow 4.jpg

yellow 2

Rain- and cold-proof, except for my toes.

yellow 3.jpg

These will probably always be my favourite sunglasses.  I found them in a tiny shop in Cape Town.



There are so many daffodils round now, although they are slowly disappearing.


yellow daffodil 3

When I got dressed, I did not realise I was transforming myself into this tulip, who is alone and hanging round daffodils of the exact same shade of yellow.

yellow tulip

Thanks to mother for investing in this Moss Brown suit decades ago (I like the photograph on their website—bleak).  It will probably last long enough for my children to wear.

yellow daffodil

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