Second year travels:

Oxford for the summer to work on the transplant ward at Churchill Hospital

Excursions to London



Boston again to see Ian Bostridge sing Schubert’s Winterreise with Annelise

Occasional jaunts to Durham, mostly to study at Guglhupf or in Lilly

Hello!  It’s spring, it’s nearly summer, I’m tripping over pages of too many books and I see brainstem sections in my sleep.  This year’s travels:

Port-au-Prince for spring break.  One day I’ll learn an entire sentence in Creole.

New York, where every year more of my friends live

Home now and then, how infrequently I find myself in the sylvan hills that once enveloped me.

I am a student.  Again.  A few places I visited this spring and summer:


sunny California

Winston-Salem x 4

New York




Bayeux (the tapestry was even better than I had imagined)

Point du Hoc, the British cemetery, the American cemetery, and Omaha & Utah beaches



London, including Hampstead Heath : )

(Nairobi . . . just the airport, though I managed to recreate my last stay there by drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea and writing long letters)

Lilongwe, Mzuzu, & Nkhata Bay villages in Malawi

I work in a lab and spend my days wandering around the hospital, collecting blood.

I will be attending medical school in a secret land in the fall.

The bell rang, so I’m in class again.  Too much time spent titrating.

Durham again.  Sweet home.

New York, NY



New York encore une fois.  Last time I found the secret macaron cache.

Durham.  Times driven home from Durham this year: 7.

San Jose and its environs



Shenandoah National Park

‘Tis summer once again, and, this year, travels and travails are purely domestic.  That is to say, physically limited to the contiguous United States . . . mais la liste commence encore.

Hatteras Island, NC.  I climbed to the top of the lighthouse!  Significantly easier than Duke Chapel, St Peter’s, etc.

Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Trinity, NC.  All for a Greek wedding that involved beribboned crowns, looping the altar, Greek liturgy, and other new and delightful things.

Clinton, SC.  Not as many Greek people.

Boulder, Denver, Louisville, and Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.  Oh hail.

2012.  The last of the undergraduate daze.

I’m back at school for my last year.

This summer . . . is full of surprises.  Part one consists of research for my thesis on Lewis Nkosi and associates, part two of a jaunt back to Appalachia, and part three of two months in Kenya for . . .

I’m a real intern.

Places visited so far:

Home (it counts – comme les vacances from other countries)

Johannesburg and its environs






Cape Town

Lenasia (predominantly Indian township near Soweto)

Pimville (in Soweto)

Pietersburg (now called Polokwane), a sleepy town 300 km from Joburg, and Lebowakgomo, a remote township 40 km farther

Home again (with a little trip to Spring Creek, North Carolina)


Maai Mahiu (a small town an hour north of Nairobi)

Karen (a northern suburb of Nairobi)

Kijabe (also north of Nairobi, nearish to Maai Mahiu)


Kijabe again

2011.  Salut!  I’m studying (in) Aix for a semester.  And travelling, reading, and writing whenever I can.

Places visited so far:

Mangoldsall (Judith’s village, close-ish to Frankfurt and Stuttgart) and surrounding towns (Schwäbisch Hall, Kupferzell, Künzelsau…to visit the castle, art museums, bakery)

Salzburg (where Judith studied and has an apartment)

Spittal, Austria (where we went to church, hiked, and watched the film in the castle)








Offenburg (for an hour)

Marseille (just the hospital)

Fribourg, Switzerland




Paris again

Marseille (actually this time)

Château d’If (Count of Monte Cristo . . . )

Cassis again


Le Tholonet (nearby village)


Paris again

Marseille again

La Ciotat . . . and the entire coast between La Ciotat and Cassis

Friends who have visited us! : )


My parents


P.S. My birthday is October 11th. C’est super important.


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  • Kalle says:

    While looking for a picture of a solubility triangle I happened on your blog. To say that your writings are refreshing and thought out is an understatement. If I was your age and unattached I would hunt you down and formulate a proposal.

    Thank you for being at the critical thinking end of the bell curve.


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